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         ''Evan has been a very caring housing agent.  He has been contacting us even far before my relocation to Singapore.  There should have been a lot of challenges to this case.  My case has been exceptional because I come in July, but my family will only arrive in the beginning of next year. Needless to say that he was punctual on time, but Evan worked diligently to find the best accommodation for us.  He listened, understood our wishes, and tried to coordinate ones closer to our wishes. Sometimes, I requested viewing at an immediate timing, but he did arrangements anyway.  At other times, due to the nature of my work, I needed to cancel my viewing at the last minute, but he understood the situation.  He has given me meaningful tips of condo selection, what to consider in mind as priority.

         Likewise, he has been standing at tenant’s side to negotiate the rents and tenancy agreements.  Air-con maintenance package is a good  example.  SP service and internet connection are others.  He did through job to find defects at the time of handover, and also requested living room’s curtain blinds to be prepared by the landlord.  Last but not least, I really thank his negotiation with landlord for the list of furniture that we can purchase to be incorporated in the letter of intent.

         Thank you very much.  I look forward to continuing caring after service.''   

-- Dr Yoshi A, Medical Doctor -- 2014


         "‘Evan Chung was asked to rescue our apartment search which had stalled after some unsuccessful offers. Evan quickly assessed and understood our requirements and arranged viewings in our desired apartment complex within 24 hours. He negotiated extremely good contract terms for our selected apartment and we moved in just 5 days later. This would not have been possible without Evan’s deep experience of the Singapore rental market and his sincere approach to understanding our needs. We are profoundly grateful for Evan and his team’s expertise and drive to succeed for us and we cannot recommend him highly enough."

-- Grant and Kimberly S, Regional Director -- 2014   


          "My wife and I engaged Evan to sell our 4-room flat in Marine Parade in Sep 2014. At that time, the mainstream media was reporting HDB prices trending downward. In the short time Evan marketed my unit, we received 2-3 serious buyers who viewed the unit who gave good offers above the market. Evan managed the offers well and set the right expectations from both the buyers and us. His experience helped us to finally close the sale with a >$30K cash-over-valuation at a time when units were transacting at zero-COV or less-than-valuation prices.

         In addition, we asked Evan to help source for a private unit. Again in a matter of weeks, we saw a unit we liked. However, we were told by the Seller Agent that an offer had been put in, shortly after we viewed it. With Evan's guidance, we put in a counter offer and through his persistence, Evan convinced the seller to release the OTP on the spot and we managed to get our house in less than 1 month of selling our HDB unit. This saves us a lot of hassle because the timing of the sale & purchase allowed me and my family (wife and 2 children) to ease into the new house, without needing to rent in between.

       Evan's diligence and experience has greatly helped my house purchase and sale. We have heard of plenty of malpractice among housing agents. Evan is a shining example in this industry. We greatly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell house!

-- SC -- 2014      


         "Evan looked after us from start to finish.  We were in contact well before coming to Singapore and are still in contact with him well into our time here, whenever we need advice or additional information about our apartment.  He is always quick to respond and happy to help. 

       Evan listened to our requirements and gave us several options that matched our needs, plus a few that demonstrated what else might be available.  And he adapted the schedule of viewings, based on our initial feedback. I have already recommended Evan to others coming to Singapore and would not hesitate to do so again."

-- David and Laura.S, Utilities Practice Leader -- 2014 


      "Evan is the best agent we have ever used. We liked that he did not waste time taking us to places we would clearly not be interested in, he took the time to understand exactly what we wanted. He was great at negotiating down to our requirements too. He's also very friendly and nice. Never rushed us, always patient and brought us to see so many different places. Fantastic service. Will definitely engage his service again and again!"

-- Judd and Sonya -- 2014


       "As a foreigner in Singapore, I was expecting to have a tough time finding the right condo for my family. But thanks to Evan Chung, my fears turned to be unfounded. Evan made it very easy for us. Being a thorough professional, Evan made note of our requirements at the start, got down to the job with a hawkish eye and narrowed it down to a decent few. He even accommodated some last minute requests at our insistence.

      Never have we seen such a hard working, decent agent who is out there to help you with a smile on his face at all times. Having found a place for us, he did not rest there but made sure we got our land phone connection, cable tv and even cell phone contracts sorted out. Honestly, all this made a big difference to us as expats, since we had very little knowledge of the system. We were always at ease knowing fully well that help was/is just a phone call away.

      A big “Thank You” to Evan for a job well done."

-- Dr Ashish S., Medical Doctor -- 2014

         "Working with Evan of DTZ has been an extremely appreciated convenience in terms of locating the right property in SG for clients. He is attentive to the needs of the client when it comes to identifying what they require in finding a suitable place to live and he has shown unquestionable commitment to the requirements and is able to provide multiple options. He is quick to turn the situation around in case the tenant takes a while to respond often in fact finding multiple options for the tenant in more than one occasion that the arrangements have proven challenging.

        Evan is very thorough in inspecting the unit and in documenting all the details to ensure the impeccable quality of the apartment that the client/tenant is getting. He is able to inform the client/tenant of the next steps and has enabled the client/tenant to prepare in an efficient manner as well.   He was able to liaise well with external parties for company leases and is able to take up the process immediately and adapt to any challenge that may arise from variations in the process.

       Evan has come highly recommended from previous clients and would continue to do the same based on the quality of service that he has provided in helping the client/tenant find a suitable property here in Singapore."

-- Maria Kat, Technical Consultant -- 2014


        "We were blessed to have Evan handle the rental of our unit at Soleil @ Sinaran. From the get-go, Evan was exceedingly conscientious and sought to obtain the best possible rental for our unit. He placed colour advertisements in the newspapers and actively chased down leads through his extensive network of contacts. All the effort paid off – within a month, Evan locked in a rental that way exceeded our expectations.

       With Evan as our agent, we never had to worry about any of the details of our rental. He settled everything – from acting as the middleman when it came to liaising with the tenant and his agent, to even helping to arrange for the installation of various fixtures requested by the tenant, and coming up with a detailed inventory of everything in the unit before it was handed over (down to the very last piece of silverware). Evan’s attention to detail almost defies belief, and we were left 100% assured that our rental was (and still is) in very steady hands.

       After working with Evan, we are convinced that he has a tremendously strong sense of responsibility, and is grounded in a solid set of values. This makes him a trustworthy agent who we can trust to work for our best interests, even in instances where taking shortcuts or settling for second-best would seem – at face value – to be the easiest option for him. We would wholeheartedly recommend Evan to anyone who’s looking to buy/sell/rent a property."

-- Darius Liu -- 2012


       "Evan is an extremely patient and helpful property agent. My fiancé n I were very choosy with our house, n rejected over 10 houses we saw. But Evan was never pushy to rush us or coerce us to just settle for any house (I.e to quickly close the deal) but each time he was alert to our likes n dislikes, using his discretion n keen understanding of our likes n dislikes to continue finding the house of our dreams-- patiently, without complaints nor black faced.

       Also, he knows his stuff extremely well. My fiancé and I are very impressed with his knowledge and experience on all housing matters. He helped us tremendously with his wise advise and confident expertise as we are very new to all these housing n purchasing matters.

       He is also a very integrious and honest property agent. My fiancé n I feel completely safe leaving the housing matters in his good n trusted hands.

       Evan indeed is a top-notch property agent who goes the extra mile, who not just sells a house to people, but a property agent who helps people find the house of their dreams.  :)


       God is so good :)"

-- Joab Wong -- 2012


       "Evan was extremely helpful from the first meeting we had with him. As we were unsure of our own requirements and even budget for the house, Evan patiently walked us through the various directions we could take, sharing his opinions and experiences. He took the time to understand our requirements, desires, and circumstances.

       House viewing was a relaxing and sometimes even entertaining experience as Evan was well-organized and cheerful throughout the process. When we were trying to decide if a place was the one for us, he never once made us feel pressured into making a decision quickly and without due consideration. He continued to go out of his way to assist and accommodate us while going through the legal process of the purchase. We felt confident of Evan's professionalism and trustworthiness, and did not feel like we had to keep a close eye on things.

       It is easy to sense that Evan considers the needs and interests of his clients instead of focusing only on the sales aspect of his role. I would not hesitate to recommend Evan to people I care about."

-- Dorlisa Goh -- 2012


       "I was very fortunate to have met Evan fairly early in my search for a home. The service and personal attention I received from Evan was exceptional to say the least! Evan’s working style is very professional and transparent, placing him a notch above any other realtor I’ve met in Singapore.

       After doing a quick assessment of my requirements, Evan worked tirelessly to find the perfect home for me. His keen knowledge and insight of the local market was crucial in my search as a foreigner in Singapore. Pouring through pages of listings, numerous weekends of viewings and explaining local procedures, Evan was patient and completely engaged with me through the full experience. Always very friendly, responsive and well prepared, he has turned my buying experience into an event that I look back to with great pleasure and confidence.

       Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Evan to help you. I could not have asked for a better realtor to guide me through."

-- Sujin S. -- 2012


       "We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Evan Chung, for being the best property agent we could ever ask for.

       He did a fantastic job in helping us so conscientiously in looking for the best house for us last year.
       Though the property market was very very bleak last year and many friends told us it'd be impossible to get a good house at our low budget, when we met Evan, he was very optimistic and told us he would try his very best to help us. He had a very positive spirit and he was very dilligent in bringing us to see the different houses every week.

       We thank God for Evan and his patience and spirit of excellence - after a short span of 1 month, we finally found our dream home at Seng Kang with a selling price that is within our budget, and with a low Cash Over Valuation (COV). This was truly a miracle cause the other houses around the same area were sold at a much higher price!

       We really had a great working relations with Evan, and have been recommending him to our family and friends. He is definitely the best property agent who genuinely cares for the interests and welfare of his clients, and we know that whoever engages him, will be very satisfied and happy working with him."

-- Mr & Mrs Kang -- 2012 -- New owner of Seng Kang HDB flat


       "I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thrilled I was for the opportunity to work with Evan Chung, his performance finding my apartment was exceptional!

       I don’t recall the exact number of appointments, and countless hours Evan gave up but it was many... From the outset I knew I’d be fussy and demanding - factors Evan took in his stride even though at times I was unsure of what it was I wanted. Moreover, he took on everything I said, worked tirelessly to narrow down potential opportunities, areas, apartments etc until he’d found that all encompassing, perfect apartment that ticked the 8 or so important features I had on my wish list. Obviously, I’m thrilled - his advice was invaluable at every stage!

       His professionalism was evident from the outset and he seemed of excellent standing with the other leasing agents we met. I found him honest, transparent and uncompromising in his endeavour to do the best job possible for me – and was thrilled in the way he made my interests central to everything, not those of others. Evan’s professionalism did not cease once papers were signed - I found him keen to help on any unresolved request or matter even when it extended beyond the boundaries of normal practice. His persistent help has been prompt, excellent, beyond expectation and in the right spirit at every stage. Moreover, I found him amiable and of good company during the ample time I spent with him looking for an apartment!

       Because of this I would not hesitate to recommend your company in the future, and I wanted you to know what a phenomenal representative your company has in Evan."


-- Matt Earlam, Trader -- 2012


       "Evan has been a wonderful property agent who is very helpful and very resourceful. He has been most efficient in helping us to sell our house at Bishan, and we recently sold the house at a very high price and we were so happy with the sale! He always go the extra mile to help us, and he is the best agent we have worked us so far. We feel so comfortable working with him, and is confident of his work and fully trusted him to help us sell the house at the best price possible!

       Though at times we were about the give up selling the house at a good price, Evan remained positive and continued to try his best to find us the best buyer. We also appreciate Evan for being so caring throughout the process, selling a house can be a very challenging task but we were so restful the whole process cause we know that we have a good agent who will take care of our welfare.

       In all, we are grateful to Evan for his professionalism and dedication to help his clients, and we know that he will continue to be a very successful agent to every client he meets. We are so glad to have met him :)"

-- Mr & Mrs Teo -- 2012 -- Owners of a Bishan house


       "It is not an overstatement to say that:
       Evan is top performing, strategically minded, factual, responsive, professional, fair, respectful and non-pushy.
       We've worked with him on more than one occassion and he always delivers above the average, we would've had much less peace of mind without him.

       We give our recommendation to all who are considering working with him. Thank you Evan, may success follow you always."

-- Alwin & Alice, your satisfied customers. -- Owners of Telok Blangah unit


       "We have engaged Evan and Diana for all our property matters (rent and sale of 2 properties) in this year and they have delivered on all transactions, at prices that were above fair market value. Evan and Diana work excellently as a team and their conscientiousness and commitment to their assignments are plain to see. They kept us updated throughout the process, looked out for our interests and above all handled all affairs with integrity. These attributes set them apart from other agents in the market. We will continue to engage them for our future property transactions and will not hesitate to recommend them to our family and friends who require assistance in the sale or purchase of real estate."

-- Mr & Mrs Kwok H.M. -- Owner of a Butterworth 8 unit


       "We are happy to have engaged the service of Diana/Evan on tenanting out our HDB flat. They have proven to be professional on the entire process. Even after the tenancy arrangement has been concluded, there is contant follow-up to ensure both ourselves and tenant are bridged on communications and addressing requests.

       They have impressed upon us on their deligence and sevice delivery. We are happy to recommend both Diana/Evan to our friends, whenever opportunities arises."

-- John & Lisa -- Owner of a unit at Strathmore Ave


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