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Start-Up Training

Upon completion of your RES course, which provides mainly the fundamentals, the very next thing to do would be to get equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills on how exactly to get your career as a Real Estate Agent started!

We have a special Start-Up Training Series which is conducted exclusively for our team members. It covers the most key essential skill sets and knowledge required to get you on the route to success!

Start-up Training Series:

  1. Lead Generation
    Effective methods for generating Vendor leads (Landlord/Seller)
    Getting Tenant/Buyer leads, qualifying them and ensuring loyalty

  2. Systems & Tools
    Understanding & learning to effectively utilize various real estate systems
    Knowing where to find pertinent info to operate effectively

  3. Exclusive & 2% Commission
    Successful methods & techniques to get Exclusive Authorization
    Pitching for & justifying 2% Comm or more

  4. Negotiation & Closing Techniques
    Strategies and methods used in effective negotiations
    Preparing and leading up to a deal closure


Start-up Workshops:

Special workshops are organized to put theory into practice. These workshops include sessions on:

  1. Actually picking up the phone and typing up the mailers to Generate Leads
  2. Hands-on sessions on utilizing all the Real Estate Systems & Tools at our disposal
  3. Role-playing sessions on pitching for Exclusives and Higher Commission
  4. Role-playing sessions on Negotiating Deals and practising Closing Techniques


Start-up Discussion Sessions:

Small group discussion sessions are also available for:

  1. Question & Answer sessions to learn from fellow associates
  2. Peer-to-peer sparing to sharpen skill-sets
  3. Sharing sessions by Top Producers and Top New Agents from our team


Start-up Field Training:

From the classroom & group sessions, moving on to actual work on the ground is an important step. Our Team Director and Managers are available to assist & guide you when you first hit the field in the following areas:

  1. Viewing and Open-House Techniques
  2. Lead Sourcing & 'walking-the-ground'
  3. Exclusive pitching and presentations
  4. Actual Deal Negotiations
  5. Preparation & summing up for the Deal Closure


Start-up Mentoring:

Enjoy valuable time with our Vice President, Evan Chung for 1-to-1 mentoring sessions on starting-up your Real Estate career. These would include:

  1. Understanding potential markets/segments to target
  2. Planning, Goal-setting & casting a Vision
  3. First steps to take - breaking down the vision into bite-size steps
  4. Technical & soft-skills training to reinforce those covered in the Start-Up Training sessions
  5. Questions & Answers via phone calls, SMSes, emails or meet-ups


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that will further your knowledge and skill-sets***


Contact our Vice President, Evan Chung at +65 9877 5777 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the details about the training provided and how we can support your career in real estate.

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