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Agent Testimonials - 2013

       "I selected Evan as my mentor after evaluating several mentors and a recommendation by a fellow estate agent.

       My decision on Evan as my coach is his approachability and passion for real estate work. I particularly liked his training in which he readily shares his intense knowledge on real estate transactions and the issues that impact the real estate industry.

        In my interactions with him, Evan provides positive encouragement when I faced difficult requests from clients. I know I could count on his guidance and advice in my journey in the real estate."

-- Landa Tang -- 2013


       "I would like to thank my mentor Evan for always being very approachable and helpful whenever I come across problems in my real estate business.

        He would always have time set apart to meet up with me and work a solution together. Recently I have set up my own property website and Evan had actually taught me how to get my website visible on Google. He patiently setup the advertising account for me and made sure that my website is on the first page and adviced on what I can do and how I can manage my website. This is really useful for me as it points me directly to what I am looking for without having to trial and error too much.

        Thank you Evan and I look forward to close more deals now."

-- Josephine Lim -- 2013


       "I have been attending Evan's training sessions for more than a year. His start-up series is so full of expert tips, anecdotes, technical knowledge that everyone who attended his sessions told me his training is really very good.

       We are so glad that there is such a trainer who is so willing to share hard-won tricks and shortcuts so wholeheartedly.

        I feel that as a mentor, Evan is selfless. This is because he always goes over the time limit and is willing to answer queries even up to one hour or one hour plus, after the lesson is supposed to end. Furthermore, he does not charge for his training and allows anyone to come if they are willing to learn. Generous indeed.

       As an ex-teacher, I can understand the effort that goes into a lecture so I am amazed that Evan can just continue teaching with no sign of tiredness and with so much enthusiasm.

        Congrats on your latest promotion to VP of your very own branch, Evan. keep it up!"

-- Deanne Choo -- 2013


       "Evan Chung is a very good and responsible leader.

       Despite of his busy schedules, he will still make an effort to response to our needs at a shortest time. He is very knowledgeable and always ready to share his experience and willing to teach us to obtain our goals.

       I am thankful to have him as my leader because he is always there to guide us and his professionalism in this trade has indeed motivated me to excel like him!"

-- Marie Lum -- 2013


       "I was introduced to Evan while looking to join a team. He met with me soon after and listened patiently to me. He then shared with me a short history about himself how he came into the business and the birth of his team. What impresses me was he his honesty and his willingness to share. He then gave me a few suggestions on what I could do in this real estate business.

        I've joined Evan and his team and have this to add: Evan is committed to his team as a team leader and mentor. He attends to our questions, needs and request seriously and speedily. I believe Evan seeks to bring out the best in a person. A great leader & mentor. Would strongly recommend to anyone joining this business."

-- Ron Chong -- 2013


       "I first spoke to Evan through the phone one evening at about 11pm. Our very first phone call lasted half an hour. The best part was that we conversed like we knew each other before. He came across as someone who was very driven and knowledgable.

        I joined DTZ shortly after partly because I felt extremely confident that Evan was the mentor I needed. His training sessions were informative and when he added personal experiences in, it made me understood that Evan once sat at the same seat as me. His personal achievements has also set a benchmark for me. This has made me more driven to achieve bigger goals in Real Estate.

        One of the best thing about Evan is that he is never too far or too busy to give advice.

        Thank you Evan for inviting me to be part of your team."

-- Keane Ang -- 2013


       "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Evan who helped me close a condo unit sale during my reservist. The deal was closed during my In-Camp Training and I couldn’t book out to settle the transaction with the buyer agent who requested to seal the deal on the very same day.

       Given the urgency, I immediately rang Evan for advice. Instead, he volunteered to complete the transaction on my behalf! He patiently asked for all the information required and coordinated the transaction. The deal went smoothly and documents were settled and signed on the same day as planned!

      I am extremely grateful to Evan, not only for his generous guidance throughout my property career, but also extending a helping hand in such an unexpected situation. The deal would have been lost without his help.

        It is most important for any property salesperson to have a good mentor. Evan is definitely an inspiring leader and mentor in this industry. I am lucky to have progressed much under his training and guidance.

        Last but not least, Congratulations on his well-deserved promotion to Vice President!"

-- Sam Yap -- 2013


       "Evan Chung exemplifies what a true leader really is - omnipresent, always contactable, and never one to turn down requests for consultations, no matter how complex.

       Evan constantly updates himself with market developments and policy changes. The comprehensiveness and speed in which he accesses and shares the impact of new regulatory rules distinguishes himself from many other team leaders. One day after the Jan’13 cooling measures were announced, Evan was able to put together a detailed presentation on how he sees the industry landscape shifting. A gifted shepherd no less."

-- Chris Low -- 2013


       "Evan is a great person and an extremely supportive and motivating leader.

       Regardless, how busy he is, he will always  find time to answer my questions, to advise how to master tricky situations or even to represent me personally during handover of the property, which I am managing for my client, while I am on holiday.

      Not to forget to mention, how he cares about  high level of professional knowledge of his team, organizing workshops, seminars and get together question-answers sessions on regular basis, which is crucial in our fast moving industry.

       To me it is very important to be guided by successful person, who set high goals and achieves them. Evan is working hard on his personal success and development, but even harder on the development and success of his team members (branch members, since 1st July'13).

        I count myself as very lucky to have joined Evan's team almost 2 years ago. He educates us, guides us through tough times and inspires us with his achievements.

       I would like to thank Evan for his support and guidance through past and present times and to wish him many blessed prosperous years ahead. Well done, Evan!"

-- Olga Romanova -- 2013


       "I understand that my mentor Evan has been nominated for the SAEA Real Estate Excellence Award 2013 and without reservation, I would like to give him my 101% support.

        I met Evan shortly after returning to Singapore in 2011 and through him I found a career after leading a “tai tai” lifestyle in various countries for 13 years.  Young, enthusiastic, energetic and ambitious, Evan has demonstrated strong leadership and interpersonal skills and despite him being a “Top Recruiter” monthly, he always find time for us.  In fact, he even finds time to conduct training classes personally on a regular basis.

      Evan’s uniquely strong leadership quality is demonstrated in the recent launch of a Bintan Condotel project championed by him & a team member.  Being the first Bintan Condotel project ever launched in Singapore, apart from negotiating for an attractive commission & marketing package for the team, he also negotiated for Singapore solicitors involvement to further instill confidence in buyers. Evan made endless effort to travel to and from Bintan to meet up with the developers and conduct site visits to witness the work progress. He will not hesitate to offer assistance and meet up with potential buyers with us - a rare practice in the real estate profession.

        It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Evan for this well-deserved award."

-- Jeanie Lim -- 2013


       "Evan has been a very supportive and inspirational leader for us all.

        Despite his busy schedule, he has always managed to find time to help us resolve our problems.

        Thank you for the guidance and support throughout my real estate career!"

-- Shawn Lau -- 2013


       "Evan has been promoted to Vice President in just a short span of 4.5 years, it doesn’t come easy and if I may, he deserves the recognition/title because of his hard work.

       With his close assistance/ strong support/ prompt replies, I turned Sales Director in just 9 months starting as a green rookie. Results speaks for itself.

        I personally vouch for his credibility, integrity and a genuine heart for his agents.

       Thank you Evan, I appreciate the time you’ve sowed on me."

-- Gary Goh -- 2013


       "I have been impressed by all the start-up trainings given by Evan and have discovered lots of golden nuggets. What I truly feel is that he literally leaves no stone unturned during his teachings.

       His success in real estate is phenomenal and inspiring. The best part is that he is willing to share his personal experiences and "success secrets" with us. Wholeheartedly, I know I have found my mentor who I can learn from and replicate the success.

        Evan is friendly. I feel comfortable whenever I talk to him. I can sense that he truly cares about his team members.

       Evan is also smart. His advanced marketing strategies just blew my mind after I've learned them from him. He gains the competitive advantage in the market by having a very systematic game plan. Now, I am also equipped with the skill and knowledge and ready to put all I have learned into practice.

        I am confident I can excel in my real estate career with his guidance.

        Thanks Evan!"

-- George Cha -- 2013


       "As a fresh grad right out of school, I had very little knowledge of the various rules & regulations of Singapore real estate market and its model of operations. Fortunately, I met Evan through a friend's referral and true to his reputation, he is knowledgeable, smart, charismatic and always have our(team) welfare at heart.

       From the initial meeting with him until the day I officially entered into the industry, he provided crucial advice and was always constantly ensuring that we met our legal obligations as an agent. Also, he will help us to evaluate various options when encountered with difficult situation as after all, not all deals are the same. And one of Evan's biggest trait as a good leader is his positive mindset which spread across the team not to give up even though we faced hiccups along the way but to move on to other deals. Thus, if not for Evan, I would not have had such a smooth transition into the industry for he is someone who went above and beyond his role as a mentor/manager.

        Basically, DTZ has found a real gem in Evan who provide an enjoyable experience for anyone that decides to work with him and I am certain that he will be successful in his future endeavours."

-- Cynthia Tan -- 2013


       "I joined Evan's Team a few months ago and find that he is very devoted in training and passing his knowledge to his team members.

       Regardless of his busy schedule, he is always a phone call away to answer all kind of questions and queries you have. Although is only a short few months, I find him approachable and willing to teach.

        If you are a new agent or an agent that is lost previously at other agencies, Evan's Team is the one you should go to."

-- Peter Lim -- 2013


       "Six months prior to joining DTZ in October 2012, I had the privilege to talk with Evan and a few others in an informal meeting at his office, and I observed that Evan was well-versed in his real estate knowledge.

        Firstly, I would like to commend that his consistent start-up training series were one class over and above many other seminars that I’ve attended; they were captivating and interesting. The reason being that he actually shared his experiences and expertise in real-life situations from the field, which are relevant to every real estate professionals who are new.

        For example, one of the best training series I’ve attended is:
        How to clinch Exclusive Listings & 2% Commission
- Successful methods & techniques to get exclusive authorization & higher commission
- Material that will come in handy
- What is your competitive advantage?

      After hearing what he had shared, I found the confidence to clinch several exclusive listings and higher commissions from some of my clients.

        Secondly, I find that his style of mentoring and guiding the sales team has been  accommodating and enlightening. He is patient and attentive to hear you out and gives encouraging solutions to handle difficult clients.

        In my years of experience as a sales and marketing manager, I find Evan’s style of leadership very refreshing and focus-driven. I would encourage every real estate professional, old and new alike, to attend his training series and you will find that what I share is unassuming and true.

        In conclusion, I look forward to working with him in his new appointment as Vice-President of DTZ Resale Division to tap his expertise and leadership in advancing his branch to new heights of achievement for the company.."

-- Joseph Yim -- 2013


       "As our group leader and trainer, Evan did a wonderful job in developing the Start-Up Workshop and Fast-Start Workshop for new agents to get up to speed.

        He has a superb ability to keep us engaged with the use of comprehensive notes, real life examples, interactive high impact and hands on exercises. The various and constant team trainings also enable us to put our learning to good use by providing a much better customer service to customers.

        I also found the Market Strategy training extremely helpful in giving the team a clear direction based on the latest market trend.

         He is patient with new joiners, positive and an excellent motivator."

-- Zoey Kok -- 2013


       "Evan is a young and dynamic leader who is always willing to help his team members out. He leads by example and is still very much active in the property market. Having 5 years of solid experience in the property sales industry, he is well-versed in all aspects of the residential, commercial and industrial market.

       Evan uses his vast knowledge to conduct frequent trainings for his team members on various topics like how to secure exclusives, the art of negotiation & computer tools we can use to improve our business.

       I myself am very grateful for the trainings he conducts as well as any ad hoc advice that he gives when I face problems during my transactions. He is most patient and recognises that everyone learns at a different pace.

         Due to his consistent support, I feel that I have indeed grown as an agent over the past one and a half years.

        It is testament to his qualities as a leader, that he is able to achieve the position of the youngest Vice President in DTZ this year."

-- Kingsley Choo -- 2013


       "My personal experience with Evan is that he is a person who is very generous in his sharing and he is willing to impart his knowledge in his training, both group and individual.

     I find Evan a great leader who knows his profession very well, a very sincere and authentic person, very approachable. He is very organized, systematic in his approach; and that makes me very comfortable with him.

        Evan is a person who cares for his people, and I know he will be there when I needed his assistance for direction or guidance on problems in real estate matters encountered in the field.

         Thanks Evan, and I look forward to a great journey with you in real estate."

-- Brenda Ang -- 2013


       "After my research and meeting up with managers of other agencies, I was convinced by Evan’s sincerity and his in-depth knowledge.

       His group and individual trainings, have been useful and systematic. The trainings have taught me how to get the business started almost immediately, especially for someone totally new to the industry. Despite his busy schedule, Evan has never failed to provide sound advice, whenever I met with difficult situations or questions from clients. He is always responsive and followed up with my cases closely. His caring nature and encouragement has spurred me to do better.

        Evan is sincere, smart, charismatic and patience. There is always something to learn from him, which enriches my knowledge. He organizes interaction gatherings for the team with bankers, developers and interior designers. He has made us feel like a big family. I am grateful to Evan for putting in time and effort to guide me. It has been a blessing to join him, knowing that I am in safe hands."

-- Joleen Tan -- 2013


       "I have had the pleasure of starting as property agent under great coaching from Evan Chung. He have provided essential course training that has given me a unique insight and guidance to start.

       Personally he guided me to close a deal in commercial property within one month from the day I got the CEA licence.

       Indeed it is a privilege to be part of his team & personal coaching.

       Thanks Evan!"

-- Soegianto -- 2013


       "I joined DTZ from another agency, the main reason is because of Evan.

        Evan is a person who is not selfish when it comes to imparting his skills and techniques of selling property. He even invited me to one of his sharing class even before I decided to join.

       Evan provides regular free training for his associates and they are useful tips which I can pick up and use on the ground. He has also constantly keep us update on current market situation and the direction we should be heading in times of challenges.

       I have heard and seen his associates excel and became top agent within a year. It makes me believe his training and guidance is right.

        I'm sure, in joining Evan's team, you and I can make it too!

        Thank you Evan"

-- Simon Cheong -- 2013


       "A  tribute  to  my  Mentor  and  Team  Manager  Mr.  Evan  Chung  in  recognition  of   his  hard  work  and  guidance  accorded  upon  all  his  associates.

        Evan  has  mapped  out  a  comprehensive  and  useful  training  programmes for  his  associates  who  are  new  in  this  industry.

        His  training  programmes  comprises  the  theory  aspect  and  the  practical  aspect  of  it. For  eg.  he  spent  about  3  hours  with  3  of  his  associates  including me on  how  to  operate,  retrieve  useful  data  and  relevant  information  and  what  are  the  important  details  to  look  out  for  from  the  company's  computer  system.

        Evan  also  show  us  how  to  approach  sellers  and  owners  of  private  residential  properties  via  phone  calls.  Everyone  of  us  is  required  to  make  a  call  in  his  presence.  In particular,  how  to  convey  our  enquiries  and  messages  across  correctly  and  effectively.  This  is  only  one  of  the training  programmes  Evan  has  for  his  associates.

        Evan  met  up  with  me  in  office  when  I  was  ready to  submit  my  first  deal.  He  vet  the  submission  papers  and  show  me  the  way  and  what  are  the  details  to  look  for  whilst  doing  a  submission.

       In  spite  of  his  tight  schedules,  Evan  took  the  trouble  to  reply  to  my  emails  well  past  mid-night.  His  replies  to  my  emails  was clear  and  well  explained.  Evan  has  definitely  raised  the  professionalism  of  this  industry  to  a  much  higher  level.

        His  willingness  to  share  his  knowledge  and  his  willingness  to  share  his  past  experience  with  clients  with  his  associates  is  difficult  to  emulate."

-- William Lim -- 2013


       "I have been in Evan's team for almost two years and I know Evan as very dedicated team leader.

       He is always there with professional advice and moral support in difficult situations which is extremely important in our trade as at some points we may feel lost and alone with complicated sale or rent transactions.

        Thanks to Evan's coaching I have become more confident and efficient in my work with clients and other agents."

-- Vera Krilova -- 2013


       "Since joining Evan’s team earlier this year, I have heard nothing but positive comments of him from the other team members.  Accounts of how approachable and inspiring he is, his willingness to share his experiences and knowledge of the real estate industry, the usefulness and pragmatism of his trainings abound within the team. I recently found out the truth for myself.

       For my 1st transaction, a rental for an expat couple, Evan guided me from the initial stage of viewing through to the handover of the unit from landlord to tenant.  Throughout, he provided useful advice and tips on how best to handle the unforeseen. Even when he had to be overseas, Evan remained contactable and accessible.  Evan has been nothing but a great help.  For that, I’m truly grateful.

       With his positive energy and attitude, Evan will always remain a source of inspiration for me and the team.  I am confident that my other teammates will attest to that."

-- Max Lee -- 2013


       "Since joining the real estate industry, I feel that I’ve been fortunate to have Evan as my manager and mentor.  Right from the start, he has been honest and encouraging by advocating hard work and persistence instead of promising unrealistic results.

       He has also provided insightful training sessions which have helped my course of work.  Apart from the scheduled training sessions, he has exhibited much patience and help whenever I encountered unique issues.

       I hope to have many more fruitful years of working together with Evan."

-- Daniel Chua -- 2013


       "I am Ron, a real estate agent of almost two months. Evan is my team manager and he has been a great mentor. For anyone new to the industry, they know that to succeed or even to survive you need a reliable and experienced mentor to guide you and to show you the way in this highly competitive industry. For me, I know I have found a mentor who does just that, and he is no other than Evan Chung.

       From the start, Evan has been providing valuable systematic lessons to educate new agents. He has provided guidance on how to prospect, how to identify property hotspots, and also the procedures on what a competent real estate agent should know to provide satisfactory real estate services for clients. No classroom lecture could beat a practical demonstration. I appreciate that Evan brought me along for a real on-site viewing with a client. That experience itself complements what was taught during his classroom style training.

       Evan has been supportive and is almost virtually present always. I remember that faithful night when a client called and asked me questions that befuddled me. As a new agent, I was desperate for that sale and immediately messaged Evan for advice that night. Despite being oversea, he replied and provided the necessary advice. Though the deal did not materialized, I am still grateful to have a reliable mentor who is around when you needed him.

       In short, Evan is a good mentor and I would recommend potential agent-to-be to join his team and be trained under his mentorship."

-- Ron Loh -- 2013


       "I came to know Evan through an RES course mate and was really impressed by the trainings and information that he was sharing during our first appointment.

       I attended most of his trainings and found them extremely useful to kick start my real estate salesperson career! He has a very systematic and thorough training schedule for his associates, which includes not only the technical knowledge, but also the soft skills that we should have as a salesperson! He has even organised networking session for his team members so as to widen our network!

       Being a newbie in real estate and in sales, I have many queries and a lot of “How”s. Evan is patient enough to guide me step by step to tackle all my doubts. And he is willing to share his experience with us and discuss the market trend with us.

       All in all, Evan is a knowledgeable, helpful, patient, ethical and selfless mentor and I am glad that I joined the right team! Thank you Evan!"

-- Rachel Chen -- 2013


       "Dear Bro Evan,

       It has always been my desire to express my sincere thanks to you for kick starting my real estate career with such a big big 1st deal commission of $30k+ within my first 3 months of joining you. You are indeed a very responsible and approachable mentor, responding to all my calls all days and even late nights, providing resources and guidance in every stage of the transaction.

       I was especially touched that you even accompanied me in that early morning to close my first deal, doing on my behalf all the paper work and closing talk.

       Thank God, I was indeed very very blessed to have joined you. Where to find such a 24 hr ever ready standby backup mentor like you, so willing to help, so resourceful, so approachable, so street smart in negotiating deals, so unselfish in sharing your own personal subscribed agent tools and valuable experiences with Teammates.....

       Last but not least, must also thank you for the spiritual encouragement to trust in The Lord in this competitive line.

       Many thanks again."

-- Bernard Fan -- 2013


       "I wanted to join real estate industry 2 years ago. However, I couldn’t meet a suitable mentor to work with.

       I met Evan last year and during the first discussion, he has answered all my doubts and had given me confidence to join this industry. I quit my engineering career and joined him.

       I followed all his trainings, either classroom or on-field trainings. They are very useful and systematic. He has enlightened me with ideas, shared the skills and past experiences which I can apply to my practical activities. The trainings speed us up to penetrate into this industry easily, without doing non-value added works.

       During my first private sale deal, Evan has guided me closely from the start till the most important part, the negotiation and closing the deal. I made a few mistakes and I was lucky to have him to point it out and save the deal. He was so patient and even called me from overseas to guide me along the way.

       Evan is smart, brilliant and willing to share. There is always something to learn after having a chat with him. With him, I feel confident at work and I believe I can do better in future.

        Thank You, Evan :)"

-- Shooky Leong -- 2013


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