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Agent Testimonials - 2012

       "I would like to give my utmost thanks to Evan for mentoring me in the real estate business. I have met other agents from other companies but have chosen Evan as my mentor as I felt that he has a solid foundation and vast experiences in the real estate industry and he would be able to coach me as a newbie in the business in order for me to start up well.

       Evan conducts regular trainings and the trainings help me understand the common problems agents might face and it is really helpful to avoid many costly mistakes. I really appreciate those trainings and he would patiently answer all my questions and doubts. You might be able to befriend other agents in his team to work together. The good thing is the team culture. There is no undercutting and no funny business. That is something very important to me.

       I appreciate Evan’s professionalism in his work. He would give you his one-to-one guidance for simple things like filling out the S&P agreement, help you check through every detail and points to note etc etc.. those details are very important and once you have the right foundation, you could do the rest of the work easily.

       The most important of all things you should look for in a mentor is that he is approachable and you are able to communicate with him. I find all those things in him. Talk to him and you will know what I mean :-)"

-- Josephine Lim -- 2012


       "Evan is smart, diligent, knowledgeable, helpful and nice. After meeting with some recruitment managers from various agencies in Feb’12, I decided to join into his bandwagon. The “Feel Good” factor coupled with his charisma, understanding of the market and comprehensive training provided for newcomers is fatally attractive.

       Attending those regular trainings conducted by him, have equipped/provided me with the necessary avenues/directions/motivations/know-how to begin my journey in the real estate.

       Evan is my real estate guidebook, and I’m impressed with the patience he has over the countless calls/SMSes we’ve had in this few months, even though the matter on hand could be very insignificant.

       After working with him for a while, I also realised he has integrity in his working relationship with me and advises.

       Very professional, committed and experienced leader. He has a spirit of excellence and good attitude. I think I made the right choice.

       Thumbs up!"

-- Gary Goh -- 2012


       "Getting a good head start in the real estate scene may not be easy without a supportive and guiding mentor.

       Evan has been there and done that. He is a dedicated mentor who is highly responsive in providing both on and offsite consultations, despite his busy schedule.

       With salute and thanks for your continual guidance."

-- Shawn Lau -- 2012


       "I have joined Evan's Team less than one years, I was previously in other agency and doing all small rental deal in HDB like room rental, but after joining Evan he have given me the advised how to target sale and purchase and rental in private condo and able to hit my sale target, he have given me some useful tip and method how to get a potential clients which I never use it before, after using his method I find it very useful and start seeing result and I always believe what he said to me: 'keep on throwing mailer and never stop prospecting'.

       All the best to you Evan and many thanks to you."

-- Sam Yap -- 2012


       "Evan is a great team leader and it has been wonderful working with him. In a short span of time he has helped me kick start my career in real estate by providing numerous training sessions, panning from the basics in the beginning to regular updates on changes happening in the industry. Everyone is always welcome to attend all the training sessions and ask as many questions as it may take to clarify understanding. He is also always available either personally or on the phone/email to help tackle any issues that we may face in our day to day transactions. He understands his team members very well and helps us connect with the right people to work as a team and increase our potential business and opportunities.

       I now know and understand how important the role of a team leader is in your personal success. Joining Evan’s team definitely ensures that the right path is shown to you and I am very glad to have joined his team."

-- Varuna Gupta -- 2012


       "I spoke to a few agencies leaders to find out more of a real estate agent career in Nov 11. However, from the conversation, they were all eager to recruit but seem not interested on personal training and guidance. I was already giving up my thought of becoming a real estate agent before I met Evan who was last on my shortlisted agencies to meet.

       The feeling was immense. It was totally different from the other agencies. I felt at home instantly. Evan was able to give me a very comprehensive outlook of a real estate agent career. From there on, it was only DTZ – Evan Chung’s Team.

       The training conducted by Evan was great and systematic. It was always enjoyable to attend his training.  The positive learning environment that Evan instilled during the training was wonderful. The support and guidance given by Evan – two important aspects for a newbie salesperson, was always there.  I never felt alone when I need help and assistance from Evan - a true, and a worthy leader.

       I’m proud to be part of his team. A great team!"

-- Jeffrey Tan -- 2012


       "Evan is a very good leader. He is always there with good advice & guidance whenever we needed him despite that he is also having a very busy schedule. He has given me all the support and encouragement in my very first transaction. He even went down to meet up with my client and helped me to close the deal with confidence. Evan is really a good mentor & a reliable person and I’m so glad to have joined him!"

-- Marie Lum -- 2012


       "Join my team, because my mentor is the best. With Evan’s guidance and support there’s no way you going to regret!, that’s what I usually tell my friends who indicates desire in ‘trying out’ property agent as a career.

       I’m going to step into my 3rd year, Evan responded my last phone call as the same way he answered my first. Patience, guidance, encouragement, support… and so on are the words to describe him. I still remembered the day he was prepared to fetch me at 1.30 am just to close a deal. Well he was helping me with the teleconversation for almost 2 hours prior to that is a definite mention. There was another incident when he came down from home to the viewing location to assist me leading to closure. I feel very lucky when my peers share their bad experiences with the company and team managers. I felt proud when I could afford my first car, thanks to Evan.

       Evan is someone who doesn’t force his style of work to us, he understands our style of work and enhance our capabilities. He gave me referrals in the beginning to kick start and still gives ideas and tips on how to move to the next step. 

       2 years full of great positive experiences with Evan is a memorable learning experience for me. Thanks Evan, Wish you all the best."

-- Saravanan -- 2012


       "Evan has been very patient and understanding during my start-up process.
       He provided me with specific advice on my cases and would often carry out consistent team trainings for us.

       For example, during my sale of a condo unit, I encountered some difficult questions that my client asked. He was kind enough to call my client to explain things in a professional manner.

       I would like to say thank you to Evan for being a great mentor and leader."

-- Kingsley Choo -- 2012


       "Thanks to my mentor Evan, I had a very good start into my carrier as a real estate salesperson.
       Before joining DTZ in August 2011, I have spoken to 5 different real estate agencies. I have just gone through RES-exams and looked for a company, which would give me the best support on the way of becoming a successful property agent.

       DTZ was on my list, as a renowned international company. I have Googled DTZ recruiters and found Evan's contact details on the Internet. He responded to my query very fast. Few days later, during our first chat, I felt, that I am at the right place.

       I am very lucky to have this extremely charismatic, positive, warm and trustful person as my mentor. Evan is very knowledgable about all aspects of Singaporean property market and, what is most important, he knows how to transfer his knowledge to his team members to make them become and stay successful. He is passionate about his job and patient with people. Though, he will never put you under pressure, but motivate you. And it works!

       My first deal came right after I received my licence. I have helped my client to buy a house, which cost over $3mil. I am very grateful to Evan for guiding me trough each step of this deal, especially through negotiation and dealing with a local co-broke agent.

       In another case, I had to find a very particular big industrial unit for my client for lease. Again, Evan helped me from the very beginning, have been guiding me through the whole process. He sent me info about all industrial units in desired area, prepared market research for me in order to obtain an estimated rental amount for the unit, which I have found again with his genuine help, conducted viewing together with me and my client, helped to negotiate rental price  with the landlord, etc.

       Evan answers my ad hoc questions/revert information queries very fast, regardless how occupied he is, even when he is on holiday.

       Meanwhile, being since almost 6 months with a company, I feel more confident and independent as an agent and don't ask him for advice as often as before.

       But, I know, once I will need him, Evan will be there for me. This fact gives me psychological comfort and allows me to move forward faster.

       Thank you, Evan."

-- Olga Romanova -- 2012


       "Evan Chung is consistently pleasant to work with; tackling all my difficulties with dedication and always certainly with a smile.

       Besides being a joy to work with, Evan Chung is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate well across our team. He has successfully developed several marketing plans for us to utilize in our task to market and sell our properties, resulting in the increase of sales for our properties.

       As a mentor, Evan Chung is an asset to our marketing efforts and the development of our career as a property broker. He is extraordinarily helpful in his monthly training sessions for us; keeping us abreast with the current market trends and sale & marketing techniques to close our deals.

       Thus, Evan has always been inspiring and motivating to me.

       So if you're looking for a good mentor and a strong team behind him. You've found the right person."

-- Herbert Bernard -- 2012


       "As a coach cum street-level support to those new in the business, Evan exceeds expectations on several counts.

       His systematic approach to training and supervision gives one the confidence to hit the ground running, almost from day one of getting the licence to practice.

       It never fails to amaze me how he always manage to respond (eventually) despite his growing team size and personal sales.

       A good role model. Technically strong. Reliable."

-- Chris Low -- 2012


       "I have joined DTZ few months ago... The reason for switching from one real estate group to another was lack of coaching and feeling all alone in my previous company.

       When I came for an interview with Evan Chung first what I liked about him that he is not making big promises with huge numbers.

       Then later when I joined his team and was working on some cases I felt so much different compare to my previous working experiences.

       Evan was always there with good advice when I needed it, even during holiday season when he was on the overseas trip with his family he would reply me with long and detailed emails to my requests leading me  trough out the whole deal to a successful end.

       I am really grateful to have Evan as my leader and mentor in this trade. I am sure that friendly and easy going manager like him will help new agents and agents with experience to see a greater heights in property busyness.

       Thank you Evan!"

-- Vera Krilova -- 2012


       "Evan has been a very well knowledgeable and a friendly mentor to his team. With regular team training sessions we are always kept updated with the ever changing property market.

       Evan's training sessions are not just to merely to inform us about the changes but to equip us with the skills, resources and techniques to adapt to the changes so as to keep us competent in the field of real estate. It has been an absolute pleasure to be working with this team."

-- Viknesh V -- 2012


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