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Agent Testimonials

       ""Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow." --Vince Lombbardi

            After attending every single training/sharing session conducted by Evan, I walk away inspired and empowered to try new strategies and techniques that I picked up from him. His passion and enthusiasm is something that rubs off you naturally.

            In an industry where most individuals are focused on their own success, it is refreshing to see someone who is dedicated to nurture and impart his knowledge to his fellow branch members.

            Congratulations on your nomination and continue to keep up the good work that you are doing."

-- Boo Kwok Jen -- 2014


       "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Evan Chung, our leader who is professional and dedicated. His expertise and persistence capacities have been very helpful in my work.

        To be honest, I was initially hesitated to join a big agency as I was afraid that I would not be able to get any assistance or advice from a leader who has many salespersons working under him/her. Evan Chung came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that I had.

          I have learned a lot from his trainings which always matches with a sense of humour, making it very interesting and easy for us to absorb. Whenever I need advice for my transactions or solution to a problem, he is always there to help, no matter how busy he is. Even when he is on holiday, he never fails to help! His vigorous drive is inspirational. My partner and I closed our first sales deal under him in a slow market!

          He has great knowledge in real estate and being a good leader. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to guide us at our own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make us want to work further and apply ourselves more diligently. I could go on and on forever. Well, I am very proud to tell everyone that I am under Evan Chung team."

-- Michelle Lim -- 2014


       "I would like to recommend Evan Chung as a great mentor and wonderful head of the Evan Chung branch of DTZ! I have joined Evan’s team not only because I was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm but also because he has painted a very realistic picture of what to expect as an agent, without painting it too pink!

         He is always available when I need an advice and he has been handling some delicate cases with me. Being new to the market as a caucasian agent, he made me feel welcome and comfortable. Since only couple of months I have achieved more than expected and I will always be thankful to Evan to be so supportive and protective of his team!"

-- Sonia Janikova -- 2014


       "God Blessed that I came across Evan Chung while setting out to look for a mentor to start my RES career.  I have met many leaders most of which are pretty traditional in their approach to real estate sale.  Evan came across as energized; the fire is still burning in him.  He keep his knowledge current and approaches real estate sale with modern technology and methodology.

        Evan proved to be a caring mentor providing lots of training at the very onset of my career.  It allows rookies like me to kick start in a very short space of time.  The training are not the text book stuff but real life practical tips that proven to work.  Armed with this knowledge, I was able to quickly clinched a number of clients. 

        A truly unselfish person, he is willing and have taken steps to assist his team members personally to ensure they do not commit unnecessary mistake.  He has also attended to member deals and help them close deal, without taking a cut.

         I will not hesitate to recommend Evan Chung anyone who have the desire to start a career in real estate."

-- CM Yeat -- 2014


       "Being the branch VP, beside getting results (recruitment and sales), you have clearly demonstrated the leadership on willingness in sharing, guiding and giving advise to existing and new branch members whenever they need your help and guidance.

         Also helped team members to strategize the ground activities and day to day business.

        You have contributed a lot in training not just to the existing sales persons and new recruits to help them get started.

         We have benefited heaps under your leadership, hope more will gain from your knowledge sharing sessions."

-- Frederick Cheng -- 2014


       "In my second year with Evan at the helm, I feel confident in meeting my goals. His support for his agents and myself is always nothing short of amazing. Whether he is busy or overseas, he will find the time to reply all my queries.

       The property market is currently moving towards a different direction but with Evan leading me, I feel just as confident to succeed."

-- Keane Ang -- 2014


       "I joined DTZ - Evan Chung's Branch in January this year. Prior to joining Evan, he invited me to join in some of his training sessions. This caught me by surprise as I thought I could only attend training only after I had officially joined his team. However he assured me that it is alright. During his training, I did not feel left out as Evan made me feel that I am already part of his team. So I was really touched by his gesture.

         After joining Evan, he provided the relevant training to equip me with the relevant knowledge and guidance to start my real estate salesperson knowledge. He also willingly share his personal experiences during the training which is very valuable to me.

         And whenever I have questions, he will provide me with the answers that I needed despite his busy schedule and being overseas.

         Evan also gives me encouragement when I have some doubts in myself.

        I am very thankful to Evan for his guidance and mentoring. He is a very approachable manager and one who will come to the aid of his team member whenever he or she needs it."

-- Jan Cheam -- 2014


       "It has been nearly 2 years since I joined Evan’s Team. During this time, Evan has provided me with invaluable guidance and helped me achieve goals progressively at my own pace.

         His continued support and patience have been great help to me and I certainly look forward to many more years of working with Evan."

-- Daniel Chua -- 2014


       "I personally admire Evan. He is a great leader and also a good friend. He always encourages us to simply follow rules and regulation and play clean and no "fancy tricks" when performing our duties as Real Estate agent. He always reminds us to respect co-broke partners and serve well our customers.

       Evan also willingly sacrifices some of his time to provide us with some trainings and usually his training always practical and have a lot of tips. Evan is also a very good mentor whereby he always lend his hands and ears to listen to our problems and difficulties and finally he will give us some valuable advices based on his personal experiences.

         Lastly, i feel honored to be part of his team. Thank you, Evan!"

-- Adi Surya -- 2014


       "Evan was the first person I spoke to about a serious career in Real Estate. I was initially dismayed that he was such a busy person, but I came to realise that in spite of his busy schedule, he is always willing to take a phone call, meet for a discussion, or respond to an email. Evan is a dynamic leader, sharing his experiences wholeheartedly with his Branch members during branch training sessions and even others who happen to enrol in the classes he conducts for the Company.

      He does not mince his words, earnestly complimenting or correcting as and when it is appropriate. He also encourages the branch members to build their careers with their own merits, while at the same time always being a supportive guiding voice.

         I thank Evan for all the support and guidance from the start and I hope to be able to walk in his footsteps in my own way."

-- Ian Lim -- 2014


       "I am very lucky to have met Evan at the very beginning of my carrier as a real estate sales person. Thanks to Evan's constant support through the years, I have gained necessary professional experience and confidence, which helped me to be successful even in difficult times.

          I am very proud to belong to Evan's branch and highly recommend him as a mentor, not only for beginner-agents, but also for experienced colleagues, who need guidance and professional advice.

        Evan will always find time and right word for everybody in his branch, who needs an assistance or just a motivation kick."

-- Olga Romanova -- 2014


       "Evan Chung, knowing him only a year ago as a Professional in Real Estate and passionate person towards his career but completely stranger to me.

         However, I was impressed by his unselfishness in sharing his experiences. Hence, I started attending his training.  What a wealth of knowledge he is.

         Being our mentor and trainer, he knew the important of implementing strategies towards the challenging markets, also to motivate his trainees and giving his greatest continuing supports to ensure they are equally successfully like himself.

         Thank you very much Evan."

-- Vincent Ong -- 2014


       "I am working in Evan's team for few years now and find that he has always been a great mentor, supportive and encouraging leader to us.

        Under his mentorship I have gained a great deal of confidence as a real estate agent. He is always there for us when professional advice is needed and I have never felt left out despite being so engaged with other activities beside my real estate job.

         I am looking forward to work with Evan for many more successful years!

         Thank you, Evan!"

-- Vera Krilova -- 2014


       "Evan has been a very effective trainer in guiding his new agents to pave their way in the industry. He caters his training specifically to tackle the different scenarios one would encounter and teaches us the various methods to overcome them. In the process, not only do we learn the ropes of the industry but we also gain confidence to be on our own.

        He was very patient towards answering my many queries, as being fresh in the pond, I did not know what to expect. Down the road, not only have I picked up technical skills but also people skills on how to handle clients tactfully."

-- Shelby Doshi -- 2014


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